About BlotterMonkey

About BlotterMonkey

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Hi, I’m Robert Wilkinson (also Known as BlotterMonkey) and I write Almost humor. As the founder and editor of Almost Humor I aim to help the average person learn how to hack life in ways to save time & money or explore new options in different ways than before.

I started Almost humor in 2009  to use for storing & sharing my How-To-Notes for my family and friends most of all. It ‘s the best way I came up to help using visual answers to repeated questions on today’s tech savvy world. Prior to being a Father and full time Social Media Marketing Specialist & Graphic Designer, I spent over twelve years as an Executive, working as Event Coordinator for corporate & non-profit organizations, and running my own web design company Invetro Design on the side.

I also see life very different after surviving a near mortal accident that left me partially paralyzed by severing my L5-S1 of my spine, and I spent many years unable to walk and with chronic pain. Not taking “NO” for any answer, I was blessed enough to finally find a surgeon after years who used an experimental surgery on me thus giving the total use of my legs back. With 2 years of healing,  relearning to walk, and total physical rehabilitation under my belt, I am better than ever and ready for life to the fullest.

To contact Robert Wilkinson goto his LinkedIn Profile to learn more http://www.linkedin.com/in/socialmarketingevents
Stalk him online at http://en.gravatar.com/blottermonkey and follow him on Twitter at @BlotterMonkey

Who Am I?

“I am you; you are me. You are the waves; I am the ocean. Know this and be free, be divine.” 
That is why I can relate to you in my blog. That little bit of you that is me; that is in us all is relatable. That relatable part of us is what I endeavor to share together as you read and learn and teach me as you read and I write Almost Humor.  I am one of the people who love the why of things. I am neither especially clever nor especially gifted. I am only very, very curious, and I love to share what I learn in the spirit of joy.

Almost Humor is a blog about Life and ways to Hack it to have more time for fun.

As I stumble thru this life with silly wit, my strange  humor and my love for learning technology, I find myself often wishing I had a roadmap. But far too often I am white-knuckled to the leading edge and wisdom comes way to often too little & too late. So I have started keeping notes as I go also known as “Life Hacks” that I think are worth sharing with others to save them from the same stumbles. Life Hacking subjects include Free Tips on: social media, website design, home networking, home theater, graphic design, easy ways to save time and money on just about anything.


2 thoughts on “About BlotterMonkey

  1. My goodness Robert, you’ve left me speechless! Lucky I’m corrosponding electronically. I too have had a humbling life. Nothing comparitable, though I relate to your way of thinking so very much. Quite spunout that I found you actually!!
    You are an extremely admirable person. An inspiration as I’m sure you will have already been told. I feel privaleged to have met you & look forward to reading more.. & more 😉
    I try to look for the good in everything, (find something to be glad about) Live and love to learn, I was born in the year of the Monkey’68 (Chinese astrology) and we learn from the grapevine of life.
    Thank-you for adding (me to you life ) & inspiriring me Robert
    Kind Regards Jenni

    • I really don’t know what to say that’s nice enough to compare with that except THANK YOU! It’s very nice to receive such caring words, and I look forward to getting to know you more.

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