Storing your Mii in Your Wii Remote

Notes on Storing a/your Mii in Your Wii Remote:

*I get a lot of questions asking how to save, store, or transport somebodies Mii on their Wii remote!
Now I can just point them here for the answers they need instead of teaching every confused individual redundantly.

( The Mii Channel lets you put yourself in the game by creating customizable
characters that fit your personality. You can then use those characters
in compatible games, attach them to messages in the Message Board,
and even save them to your Wii Remote to take to a friend’s house.
*Please note that only one Wii Remote can be used while in the Mii Channel. )

Storing a Mii in Your Wii Remote:

You can store a Mii in your Wii Remote, letting you bring your Miis to a friend’s house for use
with their Mii-compatible games or to be used in their Mii Parade. You
can also use your Wii Remote to grab Miis from your friend’s Wii system
and later add it to your Mii Parade or your Mii-compatible games.

  1. Select the Wii Remote icon from the Mii Plaza.

  2. Select the Wii Remote you would like to store the Mii to (to add an additional Wii Remote, press “1” and “2” at the same time).

  3. Place the cursor over the Mii you wish to store, and grab it by pressing B
    and A at the same time. Drag the Mii over to an available slot along
    the top of the screen.

  4. Select “Save and Quit” when finished.

Get the complete lowdown of the Mii’s power in fun easy steps here:

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